Mighty Monkeys Instructor Course

The best martial arts education resource for 4-6 year olds, all in one place

The Mighty Monkeys is the perfect program to prepare any young child for full martial arts class, and for life!  Having this program within your school will transform the lives of your members, your local community and prepare your business for an incredible growth curve from the bottom up!

We will get to the massive financial benefits you will receive, and have others that share their experience below in their schools, as well as our own (we currently have over 500 active members at this age within our schools, so it generates ££… and others are catching on)…. But lets get to the important part - “What content do i actually get in this program?”

Within the program you will find:

8 x Life Skills

16x Pad Drills

24x of the best Static, Stepping and Dynamic Drills

4x Martial Arts Forms

104x Lesson Plans

100’s of professional images for marketing use

20x Live and active testimonials from students, parents and teachers….

But what does all this really mean?

8x Life Skills

Carefully researched skills, with input from professional individuals in specialist areas from head teachers to practising psychologists…. This section of the program has the power to change the lives of the communities within which you serve.

We provide all the content and material, as well as support in the most effective, up to date and comprehensive delivery methods.  

Whether this is an area that you already teach to an older age group, or have never ventured in to before, we have you completely covered with our full support.

16x Pad Drills

“I have my own drills and know what i’m doing”.

Of course you do, and we don’t want to change that!  In fact, we don’t “enforce” the use of any of our drills.  What we have done though, is deliver concise instruction, in a way that is age appropriate for this class, and developed the fundamental skills to deliver pad work combinations from almost any stand up based striking art.  

We have spent years researching the right blend of fun, education and specificity to ensure your program is not only the best in your area for this age group…. But also fits to feed your martial arts school with more new beginners than you have ever had!

24x Martial Arts Skills

From many years of working within this age group and our early frustrating beginnings, trying to teach a 4 years old technically difficult techniques, as well as seemingly more simple, we didn’t understand the importance of cross body movement, rotational movement, and the complexities of the child brain in computing these skills in to a physical action.

We stressed, worried, and even angered ourselves with “why can they not just do it” and “I had one kid who did it once so why can’t everyone” and “I’ve shown them a million times, so if they don’t get it right now, then they never will”.

THEN….. Then we studied their minds and physical development at a far deeper level.  We studied learning styles and delivery method (there are many of each), then we found combinations of them all, then we tried and tested them, reviewed them, and tried and tested again!

We now break their techniques within the program in to 3 sub sections:

  • 8x Static (where the practitioner is not travelling in any way - just stood still performing a skill or technique).  

  • 8x Stepping (where the practitioner is stepping in a given direction whilst also performing a skill or technique.

  • 8x Dynamic (where the practitioner is up on the bounce, moving, feinting, and delivering a combination of skills and techniques)

Once again, it is not always necessary to stick rigidly to our given techniques, if their are others that fit with your wider program.  However, with our support and guidance in delivery technique, you will find huge gains in your success rate and that of the child - and understand why the CAN do the techniques you teach - this has a HUGE effect on the rest of your teaching and the standards increase throughout your school BONUS!

4x Martial Arts Forms

These are four forms that show natural progression, expression and a whole lot of achievement for the practitioners!  Once again, you are free to amend as you see fit if necessary, but we know these four gel well with most stand up striking arts, and instil the early fundamental qualities you will want in your future Forms champions!

104x Lesson Plans

“I struggle with lesson content and am not sure what to teach”.

Well, we have ‘done for you’ the ultimate structure!  We have been through the 104 week cycle (2 year full program) many times over and have our lesson plans for every single week!  So, we have made them a little more pretty (lets be honest, we never do them perfect every time) and have them ready inside the program for you. So now you will have a new problem...

“Help…. You guys give us so many ideas and plans, we don’t even have to think any more!”

100’s of professional images

We are fortunate enough to have a professional photographer within our team who is commissioned to produce outstanding images for your marketing needs!  You’re welcome! :)

20x Live and Active Testimonials from parents and kids alike

Our students absolutely love our classes, and so will yours!  This was a no brainer to include - we literally get kids and parents ASKING to give recommendations…. So we provided a small selection here for your use too!

And thats not all……

We already have over 25x Schools within the UK using this program.  You will enter a community of Instructors and School owners committed to bettering their teaching methods as well as their business acumen.

Our monthly subscription enters you into a once per month call with course producer Tom Nicholson, who is also committees to you individually to offer all the support and guidance possible.  Tom is a well sought after Business Coach within the Martial Arts Industry, as well as serving other industries alongside, and his number 1 passion is for this product.  The skills you will learn from delivering this program will not only transform your teams ability to deliver world class sessions, every time, but also your ability to develop a martial arts business that can support you and your goals as far as you need them to.

It is usual for school owners to start with one class, once per week, and very quickly fill it to require more classes.  We see a monthly income of more than the program purchase price, per month, within 2 months of program purchase as ‘normal’.  

This is based upon only starting 1 class per week to begin with.  It is normal to then extend the program to more classes and more days (whether in a school, a leisure centre, and community centre, a church hall or a full time academy).

With classes 5 days a week, we forecast to grow your schools to in excess of £5,000 income PER MONTH (thats £60,000 per year).  Can you afford NOT to invest in this program?

“But what about uniforms, merchandise and progression?”

Well, we have all the merchandise in stock and a trade account waiting for you that will be activated on purchase.  

We even have a time tested and proven systemised graduation procedure that will see all the families who come into contact with your club have the most outstanding customer experience - and we all know what that brings…. More referrals! (Not to mention outstanding retention - we have multiple instructors who started within this program when he was aged 4, now delivering the program)!!

“But a guy up the road from me teaches this age group”... OF COURSE THEY DO!  Their are over 3 MILLION kids in the UK aged 4, 5 and 6!  GO GET ‘EM SIGNED UP!

“OK, so i want to purchase, but i want to ‘win’ and feel like i got more”

We all love to win, so here’s the deal… we put even more in!

Tips and tricks for challenging negative behaviour 

This can work for older age groups too, and makes you teachers favourite when you visit schools!

Student Oath

We got this covered and a format for its fun and educational delivery - these little guys will be with you forever!

Standardised Warm Up

Its all part of the program - they will learn it, and prior to completion, they will even deliver it!  Imagine the raving fan parents you have when there “Little Johnny” is delivering a class warm up right up front alongside you, their hero!

Additional and related games

Sometimes we all get tired and stuck for creativity - so we gave you lots of extra games - related to the skill being delivered!

“This is incredible content, but what can you give me, just for me, whilst you want to give me a crazy offer…?”

OK, here is the deal…

On purchase, the first 10 will get our “0-50 student launch blueprint”!  This will take your school from 0 students to 50 students in the quickest possible time, and lay out every step you need to take.  


You will receive a personalised support call from our program creator to ensure you have understood the program and the additional “0-50 student blueprint”

Then….. We will throw in our ‘competition pack’ which introduces these children age 4, 5 and 6 to competition, in the most exciting, fun and rewarding way - a day that will undoubtedly put your school on the map for every parent with children this age (and fill your other classes too)!

2 Options:

Gold Package:    

£495 + £40pcm ultimate success school

Join the team!  Receive all the updates and a monthly 1 hour zoom to ensure i’m on track and smashing it !

Silver Package    £795

I don’t want monthly, i can make this work alone

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