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Mighty Monkeys train at Home Course

The best martial arts education resource for 4-6 year olds, all in one place

The Mighty Monkey program is the perfect course to prepare your child for full martial arts class and to prepare them for life!

Within this course you will be receive:

8x full grading sheets

8x life skills training modules 

16x padwork drills

24 linework techniques

Exclusive hyper focus and bullet proof confidence drill

Physical Education (Warm ups & age appropriate stretching routines)

Fun homework activity sheets

Additional bonus material:

8x life skill fun quizzes

Bonus padwork skills

Foundations for unstoppable martial arts ability

Pad holding skills for parents

Here's how it works...

1) Once you start you will be given access to the first grading sheet and the first forms video and lifeskill quiz.


Pad holding for parents - making sure you are safe and informed whilst motivating your future young black belt!

We will upload content month after month so that your Mighty Monkey continuously develops, with you as their super hero!  You will create an unbreakable bond and screen time will now become educational, fun and physically rewarding!

This program is perfect for those Mighty Monkeys keen to learn, eager to do their best, and perfect for the parent who wants the best for their child in a fun filled, active and healthy home life.

This program covers the entire Mighty Monkeys syllabus to support your childs learning from weekly attendance at class and ensures they become the very best they can be.

This really is your opportunity to give your child the very best head start in life.

No more waiting around...

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